Okaya Centre Noida sets standards for environmentally sensitive development practices that are designed to minimize environmental harm and maximize energy efficiency such as:

  1. Vastu complaint Building and Campus Design
  2. Glass Façade with a UV rating of 5.6 Watt Per Squared Meter per Kelvin on East & North side elevation to reduce the impact of sunlight inside the buildings.
  3. Vertical and Horizontal Shading device
  4. Sun exposed Glass Façade on North & East side and insulated walls to minimize heat transmission thereby maximizing natural light illumination in the work areas along with reduced air conditioning costs inside the floor areas.
  5. Motion Sensor Lights – Enabling highly reduced energy costs with sensor lights that would switch off automatically when no one is around in the lobby area.
  6. LED Lighting devices in common areas of the building and around campus to reduce the electricity consumption
  7. Water Conservation – Rain Water Harvesting coupled with modern horticulture practices like low water consuming plants to enable more efficient water management in the campus. Also, the campus has been fitted latest in water conservation fixtures & fittings, to ensure near zero wastage of available resources allows us to save every drop of water that we can.
  8. Conservation of Natural Resources – 0% Discharge Building for water collection, segregation, recycling of waste.
  9. Ramps for people with special needs.
  10. Intelligent Building Management System in place to ensure efficient energy usage.
  11. Emphasis on Low operating cost with sensitivity towards environment friendly and energy efficient means through :
  12. LED Lights in Campus and common areas of the building.
  13. Insulated walls and roofs.
  14. Occupancy & Motion based sensors in common area to minimizing energy waste.
  15. Zero Discharge
  16. Water Conservation
  17. Efficient landscape design to maximize green areas in the campus.